Algorithmed Public Spheres


Jannick Kirk Sørensen

APS Fellow 2017/18

Jannick Sørensen has studied the relationship between public service media and personalisation technologies since 2007, first in his PhD project and thesis titled “The Paradox of Personalisation”, and more recently through studies of how European Public Service Media organisations approach, plan and implement algorithmic (personalised) recommendation of their media content. Where the traditional approach of interaction design assumes ICT as a neutral tool for fulfilling user needs, Jannick’s attention is directed towards the relation between structures and properties of ICT and the implementation in specific contexts.

With a background in Interaction Design and Journalism, Jannick’s interest in research and teaching centers on the perspectives and implications for the users of ICT-based and ICT- centric services. Recently he has served as the guest editor of a special issue of International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications (IJESMA) and participated in two externally financed projects – in “OnCreate” as local coordinator and in “PWs@PhD” as teacher in Problem Based Learning.